The Mission

Our mission is to liberate teenagers to self-learn and to create. We guide teenagers to unleash their inner crazy genius.
Unleash your inner genius

Hestia | he-stē-ə |

Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state.

Liberate teenagers to self-learn & create

Our mission is to liberate teenagers to self-learn and to create. We strive to guide teenagers to unleash their inner crazy genius and dare to create.

We are building a home for

Curious humans
Intrepid adventurers
Humble self-learners
First-principled creators

Hestian memoji

Those shivering in the cold and darkness of the unpaved path their courage led them to jump on.

Those in-need of warmth, a roof, and companionship.

A home to preserve their true self. A unique individual gift. Pure human nature.

Removing their fake and social masks.

Liberating themselves from the materialistic consumer cycles, from the hedonistic treadmill, and from the decorations on their lapel.

Rewarding their courage, confidence, and audaciousness to jump into the unknown and walk along an uncharted path.

Forging fulfilling and lasting relationships.

Nurturing their inner child.

The curious, open-minded, free-speaking, authentic, and ambitious instinct.

A home with a burning fire that generates warmth, lights the way, and fuels the courage to be one’s best & truest self.

A fire that is fed off of everything thrown at it.

A home where big dreams and bold undertakings burgeon.

Sometimes they even flourish into ripe solutions for some of the most important problems facing our civilization.

A home for those who get fulfilled by leading a species-level impact.

Our beliefs

- Learning is a personal, never-ending journey
- A learner is to be surrounded by a community of enlightened masters and other learners
- Physical, mental, environmental well-being, and discipline are indispensable
- One must master skills and education ought to be designed to hone skills and craft experiences
- Social skills and intellectual skills are both to be nurtured


We envision a world where humans are mission-driven to improve lives and disrupt industries.
A world where there are 100 times more torchbearers like Anaximander, Ada Lovelace, Steve Jobs, Marie Curie, Socrates, and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Ready to unleash your inner genius?