Hey self-learners, Welcome Home.

Hestia is the home that lights the way into the unknown, gathers authentic humans, and ignites potential. Join to self-learn and dare to create.

Your Mission,
Your Curriculum.

Compound your curiosity with a learning platform designed for you. Set your own mission to guide your learning and smash milestones.

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Keep the teacher,
drop the classroom.

Get direct feedback from hand-picked Hestia Mentors. Looking for guidance, direction, and/or perspective with coding, fundraising, painting, or rocket launching? A mentor is one click away!

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Authentic Humans,
Real Connections.

Forge fulfilling and long-lasting relationships. Surround yourself with a tight-knit community that pushes you to be the best & truest version of yourself.

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Paying you to learn.

We believe that no one should pay to learn. We believe in paying for people to learn. This is why we are offering you access to the first stage of the Takeoff Fund I: to fuel the realization of your ideas and upgrade yourself somehow.

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