Have you ever been shut down by your teacher for asking too many questions? Have you ever spent hours going down intellectual rabbit holes, stringing along an increasingly elaborate chain of Wikipedia pages as you go? Against all odds, you have bravely clung on to your childhood curiosity and you will never stop seeking out the "why".


Your intrinsic drive keeps you going, beating against the current. People's opinions, awards, compliments make your bones itchy, leaving you sitting or standing unstill. You are inspired by Russian mathematicians who, during the difficult post-Soviet transition period, were proud of making $200 a month and do work that is appreciated by twenty people and considered that showing one’s decorations – or accepting awards – were a sign of weakness and lack of confidence in one’s contributions.


You dig through books, old internet archives, crawlers, whatever it takes to get to the source of truth you are looking for. Nothing can stand in your way.


Do people find your specific knowledge about certain things weird? Do they tell you to get a life because you know 16 digits of pi? You understand that the only way to make something truly unique and world-altering is to ditch the popular crowd. You are driven by an insatiable desire to follow your curiosity and bring your ideas to life.


You cannot stand the golden handcuffs of tech companies nor the incredibly high paying 9 to 5 jobs and 360% bonuses of behemoths and servile bureaucrats. You get fulfilled by creating value & refining your judgement, with conviction & faith that wealth will take care of itself — non-linearly. You realize that everything you desire is infinitely smaller than everything that you currently have.


There is no guarantee with Hestia. There is no certificate, job, or validation attached with being a Hestian. Satisfaction will only come from hard work you put in and the progress you make. Being a Hestian means that you will become a better version of yourself, for yourself. We are trying to attract optimistic contrarian humans and liberate them to unleash their inner crazy genius and to dare to create solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems.


Ever worked 60 hours a week? Neither have we - unless we took a couple days off that week. Tenacity and sticktoitiveness are your strong suits. We are on a mission to change the world and there's no time to waste.
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