We are paying teens to learn.

"When education and resources are available to all without a price tag, there will be no limit to human potential." — Jacque Fresco
Hestia Academy is an online academy that offers a self-learning framework and a community of creators and mentors for teenagers to learn and create. We are on a mission to guide Hestians to become better self-learners and creators in building purposeful projects.


Montreal, QC — Teens cannot afford to pay for a Shopify subscription, cannot launch their app because of cloud credits, cannot buy an Arduino board, cannot turn their ideas into startups with Stripe Atlas, nor buy a subscription to a learning community like Farnam Street.

Most teenagers have limited access to capital, as they have no income and cannot borrow money from traditional financial institutions. Thus, they are unable to afford the professional tools (software, courses, building materials, and more) they need to carry out their projects. High-potential projects undertaken by teenagers stall not because of a lack of skills and dedication, but because of a lack of minimal resources. When knowledge is protected behind a pay-wall, teenagers find themselves demotivated. They either push back or give up their learning goals.

We believe that no one should pay to learn. We believe in paying for people to learn. For Hestians to pursue their ideas, we are offering them access to the first stage of the Hestia Takeoff Fund. Starting today, Hestians will be able to unlock and request up to $500 to fuel their projects and reach their learning goals.

Hestia Takeoff Fund, available on your profile.

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