Hestia Sneak-Peak: Mission, Milestones and Learnings

Hestia is the web-app designed to liberate teenagers to unleash their crazy inner genius and dare to create. Below is a sneak-peak of setting your Mission, your Milestones, and your Learnings on Hestia Academy.

Your Mission

The very first thing that new Hestians do when they have joined Hestia is find their Mission. What is a Mission? Simple: Your Mission is a short statement that conveys your values, how you define success, and the type of person you want to be. Your Mission is something you are never done doing; you are always working towards your Mission and it guides the decisions you make.

Having trouble setting your Mission? You can start by coming up with a goal for yourself, preferably a long-term goal that connects to your personal values. Then, keep asking yourself: Why? Why do you want to achieve that goal? Why is this goal important to you? Asking yourself open-ended questions like these can help you figure out why you embarked on this self-learning journey and what you want to get out of it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or pressured to come up with the perfect Mission, don't stress, your Mission can change over time! Creating a Mission is an iterative process that takes a lot of personal reflection about your values and goals. As we learn more about the world around us, our personal values, and the type of impact we want to have on the world changes. This displays growth. Setting a Mission and taking the time to reflect and re-evaluate it every few months gives you the flexibility to ensure that the direction you are going in aligns with your values.

Your Milestones

While your Mission is one unique overarching statement, your Milestones are multiple, shorter-term goals that will help you advance your Mission. If your Mission is the direction you want to go in, the Milestones are the steps you are taking to go in that direction. Milestones help you prioritize your time so you can better focus your day-to-day schedule and you can break down your Mission into achievable steps.

Your Milestones can cover a wide range of topics, but ultimately should help you progress your Mission. If your Milestones do not align with your Mission, you may want to consider either reassessing your Mission or setting Milestones that will help you achieve your Mission.

Your Learnings

Every time you get closer to reaching a Milestone, you can record it in your Learnings. Your Learnings can be as small as one sentence or it can be the size of an encyclopedia. Learnings exist to gauge your understanding and refer back to what you have learnt. Being able to clearly write down what you have learnt is an indication that you clearly understood what you learnt and can help you find gaps in your Learnings.

Other Hestians can benefit from your Learnings too! If you choose to share your Learnings, other Hestians can view them so that recording your Learnings not only benefits you, but also the entire Hestia community.


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