Introducing Hestia Academy

Introducing Hestia Academy, powered by YoungLeaders

On a mission to overcome the post hackathons and science fairs death valley, YoungLeaders' YLBuild program proved that daring genius teenagers can build products that improve lives and disrupt industries. Now, we have created an online platform to guide daring genius teenagers to become better self-learners and creators, Hestia Academy.

Hestia Academy, The Home for Creators

Hestia Academy is an online academy that offers a self-learning framework and a community of creators and mentors for teenagers to learn and create. Unlike other online academies, Hestia Academy does not produce any content, nor does it dictate a path to follow. With access to tools like Objectives & Key Results (OKR), various learning resources, guidance from a network of mentors, and an online community of self-learners and creators, we aim to guide teenagers to unleash their inner crazy genius and to dare to create.

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