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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ― Margaret Mead

Hestia Academy is an online academy that offers a self-learning framework and a community of creators and mentors for teenagers to learn and create. We are on a mission to guide Hestians to become better self-learners and creators in building purposeful projects.


Montreal, QC ― Hiking a Swiss mountain at night can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Especially if you are hiking alone without a map or compass, you could easily get lost and end up in the middle of nowhere. When it comes to building products for teenagers, it can be the same.

Teens are often in their own bubble and build products based on their own beliefs. But good products and ideas often evolve. If your beliefs evolve, your product will do the same. Hestia Events are an opportunity for Hestians to get out of their bubble to see how others think and create. We seek to create a curiosity-driven environment and stimulate Hestians to spur on curiosity, empathy, creativity, and problem-solving.


For Hestians to discover other human stories, we are creating HestiAsk, a series of AMA sessions with accomplished self-learners and creators.

Growing up, we often tend to superhumanize people — Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sheryl Sandberg, etc. Thus, we end up living a great amount of our life trying to imitate them or feeling inferior to them. Some scientists say that motivation is one’s search for meaning. At this age, teenagers are most likely in search of themselves and for meaning in their life. We want teens to humanize accomplished people and learn to develop empathy and intellectual human curiosity. Also, the best ideas start by asking questions and challenging assumptions about our world.

Book Club

Hestians are ambitious, hungry to learn, and impatient. They want to have an impact now. However, changing the world takes time, not only does it require vision and creativity, it also requires long-term thinking, clear direction, and repeated sacrifices to see projects come to life. Thus, how can we guide teenagers in thinking like the latter?

In order to equip Hestians with this wisdom from the get-go, as they only get started with their learning journey, we are launching the Hestia Book Club.

How it works: Every month, the Hestia Academy team chooses a book we believe will generate debate, be useful to Hestians’ learning, and be interesting to a majority of them. We also provide a Reading Guide, which includes reflection questions, key ideas from the book, and other prompts.

How to join: All Hestians need to do to join is to read the book. A month in advance, Hestians will be notified of the book choice by email, giving you time to get hold of a copy.

We are still learning how to deliver unique value to daring genius teenagers through our activities, guidance, and now, technology. Our goal remains to continue to find ways to better educate and guide teenagers. This requires sustained investment in learning and experimenting while we grow. Therefore new Hestia Events and initiatives will always be coming, so make sure to keep an eye out for them in the future.

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