When education and resources are available to all without a price tag, there will be no limit to human potential. — Jacque Fresco

Become better self-learners and creators

We are constantly learning how to deliver unique value to daring genius teenagers through our guidance and technology. Our goal remains to continue to find ways to better educate and guide teenagers. This requires sustained investment in learning and experimenting while we grow. Therefore new Hestia features will always be coming, so make sure to keep an eye out for them in the future.


Education ought to be designed to hone skills and craft experiences. Teenagers ought to channel their curiosity and direct their energy toward creation and impact.

We believe that mentors may guide teenagers to save time and to avoid derailing on a slippery slope. Instead, mentors step in to direct teenagers towards the path with the most focus for unlocking their unlimited potential. For this reason, Hestia Academy is taking the responsibility to hand-pick mentors.

Takeoff Fund Stage I

Most teenagers have limited access to capital, as they have no income and cannot borrow money from traditional financial institutions. Thus, high-potential projects undertaken by teenagers stall not because of a lack of skills and dedication, but because of a lack of minimal resources. When knowledge is protected behind a pay-wall, teenagers find themselves demotivated.

We believe that no one should pay to learn. We believe in paying for people to learn. For Hestians to pursue their ideas, we are offering them access to the first stage of the Hestia Takeoff Fund.

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