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Hestia empowers teens to discover their mission, create their own curriculum, and learn alongside authentic humans.
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Our Mission

Liberate teenagers to self-learn & create

We strive to guide teenagers to unleash their inner crazy genius. Hestia is the home that lights the way into the unknown, gathers authentic humans, and forges a path that leads to more and better creators.

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Message from Hestian
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Keep the teacher,
drop the classroom.

Get direct feedback from hand-picked Hestia Mentors. Looking for guidance, direction, and/or perspective with coding, fundraising, painting, or rocket launching? A mentor is one click away!

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02 - Community
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Your Mission,
Your Curriculum.

Compound your curiosity with a learning platform designed for you. Set your own mission to guide your learning and smash milestones.

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Authentic Humans,
Real Connections.

Forge fulfilling and long-lasting relationships. Surround yourself with a tight-knit community that pushes you to be the best & truest version of yourself.

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Paying you to learn.

We believe that no one should pay to learn. We believe in paying for people to learn. This is why we are offering you access to the first stage of the Takeoff Fund I: to fuel your projects and reach your learning goals

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Hestia Academy is an amazing tool that enhances my productivity as a developer greatly by allowing me to streamline my work and learning all in one place
It is so easy to communicate with everyone and get great feedback. Hestia's milestone tracking helps keep me motivated to accomplish my goal!
Hestia helps us to remind our missions and life's goals, it allows us to keep track of every step we take to get closer to them.
Hestia has enabled me to become a better self-learner and has aided me in achieving my goals and passions.
The best part is that you'll be surrounded and supported by an amazing community of like-minded individuals who are all striving to make a difference.

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